My name is Darlene also known as Mama D Angel. I have been out of the spiritual closet since 2012. I attained Reiki Grand Master Level 3 & 4 with Grand-Master David Crawford & Victoria Lanakila Generao.
I have been drawn to, and communicated with the angels since I was a young child. All of my readings are given with the assistance of the Angels and what I call my ~ Dream Team ~ my Spirit Guides. Sometimes, there will be a specific message to pass along with the card that is chosen, and other times the card, itself is the answer. We don’t always get what we want, we get what we need

I am also a host of a radio show, the objective of the shows are to highlight people’s talents and passions. And if in the process someone is helped by the knowledge that has been shared then I have achieved my goal.

I think the most important job I have though is as a Mother I have 3 beautiful and strong children (1 girl & 2 boys) they know all about me and can come to me with anything. And they often bring me home new siblings. And each is welcomed into my heart (home) with open arms.

Music Credit: Mona Garcia

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