Sometimes the jury we face is not always of man Sometimes the jury we face is of the Divine Man seeks mortal justice Where as the Divine’s justice Is showing you the mirror Sometimes we meet the divine in human form When that happens your heart cries tears of joy You realize that you are blessed…


Your hurting and no one can tell you when the hurt will stop But lashing out at others won’t ease your pain You are walking a fine line, be mindful of your balance If you fall on the wrong side of hurt many more may fall with you The Universe will always have you back…

~ LOVE ~

Who or how or when we love The choice is not always ours When the heart hurts the pain can be excruciating The strength of the armour does not always protect the heart But would you trade the feelings of bliss to erase the hurt & sadness

Cracked not Broken

When i was a child my grandmother died, i thought my heart would never heal. I thought it was broken forever, it was cracked When i was an adult my Godfather died, again another crack A very dear lady possibly a twin heart “Busy Bee Baloo” died from Cancer, another major crack. My father died twice ……he had Alzheimer and no longer knew me as his daughter and in that moment my daddy died. When Mr…


You talk to someone and there is that connection Like striking flint to stone “a spark” Then life gets in the way Each person has their own path to follow Time plays a game of tag Allowing brief moments of connection No matter the distance of space or time The spark will always be


Upon waking you look outside your window. What do you see? A wondrous blue sky dotted with white puffy clouds, the sun shines in all its glory You get dressed, grab a cup of coffee Get set to go sit outside to enjoy the warm sunshine. Your hand fixed the door handle as you open the…

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