Cracked not Broken


When i was a child my grandmother died, i thought my heart would never heal. I thought it was broken forever, it was cracked

When i was an adult my Godfather died, again another crack

A very dear lady possibly a twin heart “Busy Bee Baloo” died from Cancer, another major crack.

My father died twice ……he had Alzheimer and no longer knew me as his daughter and in that moment my daddy died. When Mr Hill’s body body finally released his last breath that was the second time, my heart cracked

My Grandmother-in-law died, my heart cracked

My mother-in-law died, my heart cracked

Throughout my life thus far i can remember 6(i think) fur family members died, my heart cracked 

Each time my heart cracked i thought i would never recover. Well here i am 54 (atm) a stronger, more powerful, more knowledgeable woman. With each crack i learned something, I may have not realised it in the moment. Writing this i see the lessons, my eyes are filled with tears, but i can’t stop smiling. Realising my heart will mend and heal, but there will forever be scars. Each scar has its own story to tell, and no matter how deep I know each one has made me “ME”. As i write this i  know each family member  i have written about is here with me … and so many more.

So no matter how many times or how deep your heart cracks, it will heal and you will be a stronger more powerful you

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