Today was a special day!

Today was a special day! I had the honor and privilege of having a beautiful card reading with Mama D Angel. She is not only a radio host, but she is a gifted card reader, intuitive and a Grand Reiki Master. The reading was nothing short of amazing!! Her incites, kindness and love show through in all of her readings. She is a gifted intuitive. She is patient and explains the meaning behind each card and invites questions to make sure we fully understand. She is a clear communicator and not only explains but teaches how the meaning and messages of the cards she receives, can be applied to our lives. She does this in an easy to understand manner. She gives practical examples relating to our own situation. I chose the “Solitaire” spread. I would highly recommend it. In this spread, Mama D uses 7 different decks; this is something that I have never seen any reader do before. Another thing that readers don’t do, is to give you a copy of the cards they’ve drawn. Mama D does! That way you can refer back to them for future reference.

I highly recommend a reading from Mama D Angel. Choose the “solitaire” spread; it’s well worth the money. You will gain new incites to bring your life to a whole new level. Peace!

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