Cherryl Prevette

Cherryl Prevette


Date(s) - 03/25/2018
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm ET

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Cherryl has been reading tarot and Oracle cards for family and friends for about 30 yrs. she has also read for others that family and friends have selectively passed the information to. She gives readings free to those who are in need of them. Just recently she started doing readings for people in one of the Facebook groups live feeds, but she is still trying to get comfortable letting others know outside family and friends. Cherryl has also learned over time that she is an Empath. She has worked at her son’s school with ADHD children as a class aid, Headstart, and even at a place where mentally handicapped adults learned to live on their own and she has connected with them all. A lot of times we can’t go anywhere without someone coming up just to start a conversation about ANYTHING. She has (unofficially) investigated paranormal areas. I have seen her cleanse negative energy from homes and people. She has has eased a few peoples pain by touching and massaging it away. She likes to work with pendulums and is learning candle and herb magic. She does hear voices as much as she gets impressions of things or events connected to the person trying to pass on a message or validating that it is them. She will get a pain/pressure between her eyes or chills if there is a presence trying to make contact. Cherryl doesn’t put up with crap…she hates bullies and tries to be as honest as she can, which doesn’t always make her the most popular person around.


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