Jacqueline Mitchell

Jacqueline Mitchell


Date(s) - 04/08/2018
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm ET

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Jacqueline Mitchell lives in Rangiora, New Zealand, and has a passion for painting sea and nature themes, Her works feature bold use of colour and areas of intricate detail. She draws on a childhood spent travelling and camping in the New Zealand outdoors for inspiration. Jacqueline is self-taught, and enjoys painting in acrylic and oil.

“How many times have you walked along a beach in New Zealand and been instantly enveloped in the changing scenery and the intricacies of the water embracing the land, sweeping through the centuries, constant yet constantly changing.

The detail I try to bring to my work is to show people the depth and clarity of the landscape of which we inhabit, which in our busy lifestyles we hardly have the time to appreciate and enjoy.

I paint to remind myself and invoke memories in others of the wonders felt as a child in rubbing smooth stones and how the simplest image uplifts and displays the uniqueness of this land in which we live.”

Jacqueline is a gifted psychic medium who with the help of her spirit guides can offer you insights into your life issues.

During a private reading with Jacqueline you can receive answers and directions regarding your life path, discover the options available to you along your pathway, and be informed on overcoming fears that may be holding you back.

Jacqueline also conducts classes which can help you unlock your own psychic abilities and tap into your own inner awareness and knowledge.


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