Alan Wright

Alan Wright


Date(s) - 06/24/2018
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm ET

Healer, Empath, Sensitive and Passive Medium

     These are the words that people give for what his abilities are. Some people call them gifts but Alan calls them abilities because sometimes he feels they are not gifts. Sometimes they feel more like curses especially when you read about some of the things that he had to do in the course of be called to hell by a spirit that he had dealings with in this life. 

    Alan was born in 1949 in Phoenix Arizona and was raised by a loving mother and grandparents. As a child he thought he was like all the other kids, but when Alan started school he realized that he was different. Alan didn’t let on that he was different because he did’t want to be treated differently. As Alan get older his abilities become stronger. Alan has spirits around him all the time and the stronger ones can get through to let him know what they want. Alan has had two Astral projections in his lifetime so far. One where he saw his own death and then going to see his Grandfather who had died in 1982. In the second he was called to hell. Alan’s books are a reflection of him and every story in them are true. 


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