LJ The Medium

LJ The Medium


Date(s) - 11/18/2018
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm ET

LJ is a certified psychic medium, ordained Interfaith minister and Reiki practitioner.
Under some of the toughest circumstances, LJ trusted that the universe had a bigger plan
and it was during some of her most painful moments that LJ’s gifts began to awaken.
LJ’s passion and desire is to help others find the light in their pain.
LJ wishes to help others and believes, as she found,
that it is through pain that we can find our purpose and be truly awakened.
LJ is now, and finally, living the life she truly feels she was placed on this earth to live and wants others to know they can too.

In 2013, a major spinal injury required many surgeries during which LJ experienced
much trauma and pain. In addition to the spinal injury and surgeries,
in 2018 she was diagnosed with a rare condition
which made it necessary for one of her kidneys to be removed and, turning her pain into purpose,
LJ became a living kidney donor. As one health issue led to another, LJ ended up having six (6) surgeries in just five (5) years.


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